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Winchester College Muniments: An Introduction with a Summary Index

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Winchester College Muniments: An Introduction with a Summary Index

John H. Harvey

reprinted from Archivessurvey of documents in the archives of Winchester College

Winchester College Stained Glass

John H. Harvery

Dennis G. King

Reprinted from Archaeologia, Vol. CIII, for the Society of Antiquaries of London : Oxford

the texts of two lectures read on the 23rd of February 1967 at the meeting of the Society of Antiquaries, London. Part I on the History of the Glass, its Dispersal and Recovery (Harvey) and Part II, Technical Report on the Restoration of the Glass (King)

Winchester/Chalons: Painted or Stained Glass selected from Winchester Cathedral, traced from the windows, and drawn

Owen B. Carter

short discussion, primarily coloured plates

Winchester/Chalons: Les Verrieres de la Cathedral de Chalons (Eglise Saint-Etienne)

M. le Chanoine Lucot

lengthy description of the stained glass windows in the church, a few black and white illustrations

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