Guide to the church, modern windows

What to see in the Castle Museum: Borough of Colchester

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What to see in the Castle Museum: Borough of Colchester


The Museum Committee of the Town Council of the Borough of Colchester : Colchester

description of the contents of the Castle Museum, primarily from the Stone, Bronze, Iron Ages and the Roman period; contains "probably the best collection in the country" of Roamn glass vessels

Whitefriars 300 Years of Glassmaking


Whitefriars Glass Ltd : London (no date)

A Brief Illustrated History Of The Whitefriars Glassworks

Whitworth Art Gallery, The: The First Hundred years

C.R. Dodwell

University of Manchester : Dewsbury 1988

An Illustrated Guide To Mark The Centenary Of The Gallery's Foundation

Who's Who 1913: An Annual Biographical Dictionary with which is incorporated "Men and Women of the Time"


Adam and Charles Black : London

as titled

William the First and the Sussex Rapes

J.F.A. Mason

The Hastings and Bexhill Branch of The Historical Association : London

monograph and bibliography

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