Guide to the church, modern windows

Wealden Glass: The Surrey-Sussex Glass Industry (A.D. 1226-1615)

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Wealden Glass: The Surrey-Sussex Glass Industry (A.D. 1226-1615)

S. E. Winbolt

Combridges : Hove

"the first comprehensive account of the glass industry as it was practised in Surrey and Sussex from the 13th to the 17th century." Includes window, vessel, tube and thread glass.

Wells Cathedral

F.P. Harton

Pitkin Pictorials : London

history and guide to the cathedral; "Golden Window" at the east end inserted 1340; 14th century glass in the Lady Chapel, with later restorations; photographs

Wells Cathedral Mini-Guide to the Stained Glass

Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral Stained Glass

L.S. FSA Colchester

Woodmansterne Publications Ltd : Watford, 1986

A Brief Illustrated Guide To The Windows

West Window of Sherborne Abbey, The: Journal of the British Society of Master Glass Painters: Vol. XIX, No. 3, 1994-95

Stanley Shepherd

British Society of Master Glass Painters : London 1996

West Wycombe

Herbert Green

Pitkin Pictorials : London

short history and guide to the church and town; passing mention of windows

Westminster College Chapel Cambridge: The Gift of W. J. Noble, Bart, and Lady Noble

Carnegie Simpson

Andrew Reid and Company : Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Chapel given in 1919; Eleven colour plates with descriptive notes of the stained glass windows

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