Guide to the church, modern windows

Victorian & Edwardian Stained Glass

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Victorian & Edwardian Stained Glass

Galicki Marta

Morris and Juliet Venables : Bristol, England, 2001

A Brief History Of The Work Of Five London Studios 1855-1910

Victorian & Edwardian Stained Glass

Marta Galicki

Historic Buildings & Monuments for England : England, 1987

A Guide To The Work Of Five London Studios 1855-1910: Clayton and Bell; Heaton, Butler and Bayne; Lavers, Barraud and Westlake; Morris and Company; James Powell and Sons, Whitefriars

Vidrios y Vidrieras

Luis Perez Bueno

Editorial Alberto Martin : Barcelona

first half about Spanish vessel glass, second half about the stained glass windows of Christian architecture in Spain

Village & the Church of Downham in the Isle, The

William Patterson

Downham Rectory : Downham , Norfolk 1974

A Brief History And Guide To The Village And Church

Visit Churches in North and East Norfolk: Cared for by The Churches Conservation Trust


The Churches Conservation Trust : London

one page folded leaflet describing 15 churches in North and East Norfolk, with map of locations of 25 churches and a description of the work of the Trust

Visite aux Monuments de Reims: Le Pelerinage D'Arras: 8 Juin et 17 et 2o Juillet 1919

Jean LaFond

Imprimerie Du Journal De Rouen : France, 1920

An Extrait From Du Journal De Rouen

Visitor's Handbook, Gloucester Cathedral, That Ornament Of The City- John Dorney 1656

David Welander

David Welander, Sherston, Malmesbury : Britain, 2001

In Depth Guide To The History And Architecture Of Gloucester Cathedral

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