Guide to the church, modern windows

Trafalgar Galleries at The Royal Academy II

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Trafalgar Galleries at The Royal Academy II


Trafalgar Fine Arts Publications Ltd. : London

a catalogue of 35 paintings, Old Master and 19th century

Training Ceramics and Glass Conservators at Buffalo State College: An American Perspective Illustrated By Treatment Case Histories

Jonathan Thornton

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd : London, 1999

An Account Relating To The Training Programme At Buffalo State College For Ceramics And Glass Conservators

Training in Stained Glass Conservation at The Centro De Conservacao e Restauro da Batalha, Portugal

Pedro Redol

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd : London,1999

An Account Of The Training Programme For Stained Glass Conservationists At The Centro De Conservaco E Restauro Da Batalha, Portugal

Transparencies: El Teatre del Signes - Exhibition Catalogue Barcelona Summer 1996

Fundacio del Vidre Barcelona

: Barcelona 1996

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