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Three Old Halls in Norfolk

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Three Old Halls in Norfolk

C. R. Manning

unknowndescription of three houses in Norfolk - Lovell's Hall, Terrington St. Clement's; Thelveton Hall; Wilby Old Hall; with geneologies of the families

Three Panels of Heraldic Glass in the Burrell Collection : Three Panels of Heraldic Glass in the Burrell Collection : Scottish Art Review: 1962, Vol. VIII, No. 4, pp. 13-29

Peter A. Newton

Scottish Art Reviewdiscussion of three medieval English panels, one late 13th centuy and two from the 14th century

Three Restorations of Ely Cathedral

Peter Moore

published by the Dean and Chapter of Ely : Ely

plain glazing in the 17th century; documented 'improvements' to the east window in mid-18th century; extensive stained glass added in the 19th century

Thurbern's Chantry at Winchester College

Herbert Chitty

John H. Harvey

reprinted from the Antiquaries Journal : Oxford

chantry chapel of 1476-7, glazed in 1501-2 by the king's glaziers in Westminster; half of this glass survives

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