Guide to the church, modern windows

The Stave Church Paintings: Medieval Art from Norway

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The Stave Church Paintings: Medieval Art from Norway

Martin Blindheim

Collins in association with UNESCONorwegian church paintings on wood, with discussion of English sources and native traditions; colour illustrations

The Stones of Ely Cathedral

Donovan Purcell

Ely Cathedral? : Ely?

information about the sources of the principal stones used in the cathedral's construction and decoration

The Story of All Saints' Church, Holbeach

Kathleen Major

The British Publishing Company Limited : Gloucester

as titled, no information about stained glass

The Story of Art

E.H. Gombrich

Phaidon : London

one of the canonical textbooks of art history

The Story of Burton Dassett Church

Frances O'Shaughnessy

Burton Dassett Church : Burton Dassett

short history and guide; passing mention of glass

The Story of Cirencester Parish Church (St. John Baptist)

J.S. Sinclair

British Publishing Company : Gloucester

short history and guide; fairly extensive remains of medieval glass

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1   ...   384   385   386   387   388   389   390   391   ...   423

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