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The Stained Glass Of Wesley's Chapel: Second

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The Stained Glass Of Wesley's Chapel: Second

Nigel McMurray

Wesley's Chapel : London, 1999

An Illustrated Appreciation Of The Glass, Including Details Of Dates And Designers Of Panels

The Stained Glass Of William Morris And His Circle - A Catalogue

Sewter, Charles, A

Yale University Press : New Haven and London

volume two of the two-volume catalogue raisonnee by this title - see record #140

The Stained Glass of William Morris and His Circle - A Catalogue

A. Charles Sewter

Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art (London) Ltd. : New Haven & London

as titled, with windows designed and made by the Firm between 1874-1940 in the UK and elsewhere arranged by location, a chronological list fo windows, a gazetteer of windows in the UK, an index of subjects, names of donors, and other indices.

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