Guide to the church, modern windows

The Stained Glass In St. John's Kirk Perth: Vol. XVI. No. I

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The Stained Glass In St. John's Kirk Perth: Vol. XVI. No. I

A.M. Norman Mackay

British Society : London, 1976-77

A Historical Account Documenting The Importance Of The Stained-Glass In St. John's Kirk Perth

The Stained Glass Museum: Printed Prior To Move To South Triforium

Not Specified

: Cambridge

An Illustrated Guide To The Panels Of the Stained Glass Museum, The North Triforium Gallery, Ely Cathedral

The Stained Glass of All Saints' Church, Cambridge: A Brief Description

Robert Halliday

The Churches Conservation Trust : London

as titled

The Stained GLass of Bristol Cathedral

M.Q. Smith

Redcliffe Press : Bristol

discussion of the stained glass from the 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th centuries, descriptive catalogue of the windows

The Stained Glass of Durham Cathedral

Roger Norris

Jarrold Publishing : Norwich, 2001

A Full Colour Guide To The Stained Glass Of Durham Cathedral With Photography By Neil Jinkerson.

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1   ...   376   377   378   379   380   381   382   383   ...   423

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