Guide to the church, modern windows

The Sanctuary of Bunbury Church, Cheshire: excavated 1952-3

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The Sanctuary of Bunbury Church, Cheshire: excavated 1952-3

Maurice H. Ridgway

The Bunbury Papers : 1954

report of the excavation of the floor of the sanctuary and the discovery of fragments of 14th century glass

The Science of Glass: Vol. XXV (25)

David Martlew

The British Society : London, 2001

An Account About The Importance Science Played In Developing Glass During The Time Of The First World War And Beyond When A Manual Workforce Was In Short Supply.

The Sculptured Ships on Tiverton Church: The Sculptured Ships on Tiverton Church: Apollo: two unconnected pages torn from an undentified issue, pp. 221-3

Brian C. Clayton

Apollo : London

carvings of galleys and three-masted ships on the outer wall of the south aisle of the parish church

The Sequence of English Medieval Art: illustrated chiefly from Illuminated MSS, 650-1450

Walter Oakeshott

Faber and Faber : London

as titled

The Shrines of St William of York: An account written by Christopher Wilson to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the canonisation of Saint William

Christopehr Wilson

Yorkshire Museum : York

as titled

The Sixteenth-Century Glass from Herkenrode Abbey (Belgium) in Lichfield Cathedral: Reprinted from ARCHAEOLOGIA, vol. CVIII, 1986

Vanden Bemden, Yvette and Kerr, Jill

Society of Antiquaries : London, 1986

History of 16th century stained glass from the Abbey of Herkenrode in Liege, removed in 1802 and installed in Lichfield Cathedral, Shrewsbury St Mary, Barton-under-Needwood, and Folk Park, Somerset

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings: Report of the Committee for the Eighty-Sixth to Eighty-Eighth Year 1963-65


SPAB : London

primarily Notes on Cases

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, Fifty-fifth Annual Report of the Committee, June 1932: An Account of the Annual meeting with Dr. G.G. Coulton's Address


SPAB : London

administrative information, accounts, notes of cases, address by Dr. Coulter on 'Vandalism and Decay'

The Society of Antiquaries of London: A Short Guide to tis History, Activities and Possessions


The Society of Antiquaries of London : London

a condensed version of the 1951 guide, w/out illustrations but brought up to date with a description of the acquistion of Kelmscott Manor. Further reading

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