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The Other William Morris: Vol. XXIV

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The Other William Morris: Vol. XXIV

Ruth Cooke

British Society : London, 2000

A Brief History On The Origins Of The Firm Founded By William Thomas Morris In 1901

The Painted Glass in the Lord Mayor's Chapel, Bristol

G. Rushforth McN

reprinted from the "Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society"hsitory and description of the original glazing of English painted glass of the 14th and 15th centuries, foreign glass from the Chateau of Ecouen and elsewhere

The Painted Glass of Lydiard Tregoze

Michael Archer

Borough of Thamesdownmid-18th century window of diamond-shaped quarries painted in enamel with flowers, animals, birds, etc.

The Painted Glass of York: An Account of the Medieval Glass of the Minster and the Parish Churches

F. Harrison

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge : London

as titled, with index

The Painted Glass of York Minister

F. Harrison

York Minsterkey to the subjects depicted in the stained glass windows

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1   ...   362   363   364   365   366   367   368   369   ...   423

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