Guide to the church, modern windows

The Observer's Book of British Architecture

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The Observer's Book of British Architecture

John Penoyre

Michael Ryan

Frederick Warne : London

"Describing and indexing the development of building in Britain from Saxon times to the present day with over 250 illustrations, many of which are in colour"

The Official Guide Book to Croyland Abbey and Triangular Bridge

Hubert Larken

Croyland Abbey : Spalding

short history and guide; passing mention of stained glass; fragments of medieval glass in a window on the south side; modern glass

The Official Guide to Kington Urban District, Herefordshire


The British Publishing Company Limited : gloucester

Brief description of history and notable buildings of Kington and surrounding area

The Old Churches of Norwich

Noel Spencer

Arnold Kent

Jarrold Publications : Norwich

introduction and description of various churches

The Origin of the Perpendicular Style

John H. Harvey

reprinted from Studies in Building Historyas titled

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1   ...   361   362   363   364   365   366   367   368   ...   423

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