Guide to the church, modern windows

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The Monastery of Batalha

Carlos Vitorino da Silva Barros

Claras : Lisbon

history of the monastery built from 1388-1608, with colour illustrations of the stained glass

The Monuments in Ely Cathedral

Edmund Esdaile

published by the Dean and Chapter of Ely : Ely

little, if anything, about stained glass

The Nation of Scots and the Declaration of Arbroath

A.A.M. Duncan

The Historical Association : London

monograph and bibliography

The Netherlandish Glass in St. Mary's Church, Addington

William Cole

offprinted from Records of Buckshistory and description of 69 small Netherlandish panels, roundels, ovals and rectangles of the 16th and early 17th centuries, inserted into the windows when the church was rebuilt in 1857-8 by the architect G. E. Street; bibliography

The New Testament: A New Translation

Hodder and Stoughton : London

as titled

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