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The Late Colonel Sir Arthur Evans, Obituary: Vol. X11, No. 4

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The Late Colonel Sir Arthur Evans, Obituary: Vol. X11, No. 4


The British Society : London, 1958-1959

An Appreciation Of The Life And Work of The Master of The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass from 1st December, 1955, to 30th November, 1956.

The LIbrary and Muniments of Ely Cathedral

Dorothy Owen

published by the Dean and Chapter of Ely : Ely

little, if anything, about stained glass

The Life and Work of Harry Clarke: First edition, hardback

Nicola Gordon Bowe

Irish Academic Press : Dublin

Biography and critical study of the work of Harry Clarke with list of works

The Life and Work of Harry Clarke: first edition; paperback (hardback copy also in library)

Nicola Gordon Bowe

The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin : Dublin

A monograph and catalogue, published to coincide with the exhibition 'Harry Clarke', 12 November to 8 December 1979, at The Douglas Hyde Gallery

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