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The Glazing of Fotheringhay Church and College

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The Glazing of Fotheringhay Church and College

Richard Marks

Reprinted from 'Journal of the British Archaeological Association', Vol. CXXXIbrief history of Fotheringhay Church and College and description of the glazing

The Glazing Of St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster: Number Five

L.F. Salzman

British Society : London, 1926

List Of Wages Paid To Craftsmen

The Gothic Image: Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century

Emile Male

Collins - The Fontana Librarys : London

medieval iconography in 13th century French cathedrals

The Gothic Revival: First Published 1999

Chris Brooks

Phaidon Press Limited : London, 1999

An illustrated historical guide to gothic architecture and design

The Graphic Work of Albrecht Durer: An Exhibition of Drawings and Prints in Commemoration of the Quincentenary of his Birth


The Trustees of the British Museum : London

an exhibition cataloguewith descriptions of Durer's drawings and prints during the different phases of his career, with a section on "Precursors, Contemporaries and Followers of Durer. 16 plates

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