Guide to the church, modern windows

The English Hymnal: with Tunes

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The English Hymnal: with Tunes


Oxford University Press : London

as titled

The Family of Telford, Nurserymen of York

John H. Harvey

Y.A.J. : York

account of the Telford family who had a nursery business in York during the 18th and early 19th centuries

The Fight to Save York Minster

Marina Warner

torn from a unknown newspaper supplement?magazine article on the challenges involved in the restoration of York Minster

The Fire of York in 1137

John H. Harvey

reprinted from the York Archaeological Journal : Vol. XLI, Part 163

review of doumentary evidence for the Fire of York in 1137

The Flemish Roundel in England: Vol. XV, No. 2

Cole, William, C

British Society : London, 1973-74

A Historical Account About The Flemish Roundel In England

The Flemish Stained Glass Windows


Park Avenue Baptist Church : New York City

description of the Flemish stained glass panels installed in the windows around 1922

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1   ...   334   335   336   337   338   339   340   341   ...   423

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