Guide to the church, modern windows

The Durham Cathedral Millennium Window: Vol. XXI

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The Durham Cathedral Millennium Window: Vol. XXI

FMGP Nuttgens Joseph

British Society : London, 1997

A Synopsis By The Artist Of His Commission

The Early Development of Canopywork As An Iconic Framing Device in Medieval Stained Glass: Vol. XXIV

James Bugslag

British Society : London, 2000

An investigation into the initial appearance of architectural canopywork as a framing device, particularly for large iconic figures

The Early Stained Glass of Canterbury Cathedral: circa 1175-1220

Madeline Harrison Caviness

Princeton University Press : Princeton

the authenticity, dating, iconography and artistic context of the early windows at Canterbury Cathedral, with 222 illustrations

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1   ...   331   332   333   334   335   336   337   338   ...   423

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