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The Colour of Heraldry


The Heraldry Society32 colour plates of reconstructed effigies, 1226-1540, with descriptions of the heraldry, armour, dress and lives of each, with bibliography, glossary, armory and index

The Conservation of A Collection of Fire - Damaged Ceramics

Lindsey K. Bogle

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd : London, 1999

A scientific article relating to the conservation of a collection of fire-damaged ceramics

The Conservation of Ceramics at the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg: Case Studies in The Treatment of Gilded Porcelain

Starikova Raisa, Dmitrenko Liudmila, Kasatkina Nadezhda Kasatkina and Bessmertnaya, with Text By Norman H. Tennent

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd : London, 1999

A Scientific Article Relating To Case Studies In The Treatment Of Gilded Porcelain

The Conservation of English Wallpaintings: being a Report of a Committee set up by the Central Council for the Care of Churches and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings


The Central Council for the Care of Churches : London

Part I - a Survey of Attitudes and Methods Relating to Preservation; Part II - Typical English Wall Structures Bearing Medieval Painting - Defects and their Treatment; Part III - Recommendations of the Committee

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