Guide to the church, modern windows

The Ceramics Conservation Course At West Dean College

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The Ceramics Conservation Course At West Dean College

Kenneth Watt

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd : London, 1999

An Account About The Ceramics Conservation Course At West Dean College

The Chapter House: Westminster Abbey


Department of the Environment, Anceint Monuments and Historic Buildings : London

short history and guide; stained glass dates from 1882, much destroyed in 1941

The Children's Book of Wild-flowers and the Story of their Names

Gareth H. Browning

W. and R. Chambers : London

as titled

The Choice of Stained Glass: A consideration of design and subject

Nevil Truman

"The Diocesan Advisory Committee has asked me to describe what constitute a good stained glass window, for the benefit of those who order them and those who make them"

The Christmas Story In Stained Glass: 2nd Edition

Halliday Sonia and Lushington Laura- Photographs

Lion Publishing : Herts, England 1980

An Illustrated Christmas Story In Stained Glass With Photographs And Verses From Luke: Matthew: John

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1   ...   323   324   325   326   327   328   329   330   ...   423

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