Guide to the church, modern windows

The Cathedral Church of St. David: A Handbook

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The Cathedral Church of St. David: A Handbook


Lewis Hodgson and Sons : Bradford

short history and guide; passing mention of stained glass

The Cathedral of Our Lady at Munich


Keller and Burkardt : Munich

brief guide to the cathedal

The Cathedral of Siena

Silla Zamboni

S.p.a. Officine grafiche Poligrafici il Resto del Carlino : Bologna

history and guide to the cathedral, with colour illustrations

The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Guildford, a Factual Guide

Anita Basset

history and description of the cathedral

The Cathedrals of England and Wales

T. Francis Bumpus

T. Werner Laurie : London

descriptions of cathedrals in England and Wales

The Catholic Building Review: Southern Edition


Fides Publications : Ormskirk

description of new Catholic churches, schools, convents, presbyteries and parish halls, and nursing homes built in southern England and Wales, with index of advertisers - building contractors, painters and decorators, glazing contractors and other related trades

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1   ...   322   323   324   325   326   327   328   329   ...   423

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