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The Big Field: A Play

Nugent Monck

The Maddermarket Theatre Trust : Norwich

"a play on the history of St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, to celebrate the Quincentenary of the building of the present church"

The Bishop Spencer Leeson Window: 1858 - Peterborough Cathedral


Peterborough Cathedral : Peterborough

description of new window in Peterborough Cathedral

The Bodleian Library in Photographs


Bodleian Library : Oxford

short history; no stained glass

The Book of the Horse

Paul Hamlyn

Hamlyn Publishing Group : London

various topics relating to horses, including a chapter on imagery in myth and history

The Brasses of Norfolk Churches

Roger Greenwood

Malcolm Norris

The Norfolk Churches Trust Ltdas titled

The British Drawing Book: or, The Art of Drawing with Accuracy and Beauty

N. Whittock

"Published for the Proprietor" : London

"A series of progressive lessons on drawing landscape scenery, marine views, architecture, animals, the human figure, etc., etc."

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1   ...   316   317   318   319   320   321   322   323   ...   423

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