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The Art of Margaret Traherne: A Personal View: Vol. XXI

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The Art of Margaret Traherne: A Personal View: Vol. XXI

Sue Pitt

British Society : London, 1997

An Illustrated History Of The Career Of The Artist

The Art of Painting on Glass: Techniques and Designs for Stained Glass

Albinas Elskus

Charles Scribner's Sons : New York

as titled

The Art of Stained Glass


The Fermoy Gallery : Norfolk

leaflet with brief biographies of three stained glass artists exhibiting together with a listof their commissions; only Paul Quail's work illustrated

The Artists of the Winchester Bible

Walter Oakeshott

Faber and Faber : London

extensive introduction and 44 photographs of details

The Arts and Crafts Movement in Ireland

Paul Larmour

Friar's Bush Press : Belfast, N. Ireland

Introduction; Home Art Industries; The Development of Irish Arts and Crafts; The Leading Studios and Artists; Later Developments; Conclusion; bibliography

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1   ...   313   314   315   316   317   318   319   320   ...   423

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