Guide to the church, modern windows

The Ancient Parish of Norbury

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The Ancient Parish of Norbury

L.J. Bowyer

J.H. Henstock : Ashbourne

guide to the parish and church

The Ancient Stained Glass at Lindsell Church

Bernard Rackham

reprinted from the Transactions of the Essix Archaeological Societydiscussion of glass of various periods "rearranged" in the windows of the church

The Ancient Stained Glass of Westminster Abbey: Vol. XVII No. 2

Francis, C. Eeles, Dr

British Society : London, 1978-79

A Historical Account About The Importance Of the Stained-Glass At Westminster Abbey

The Ancient Stained Glass Of Westminster Abbey (Part 2): Vol. XV1, No. 3

Francis, C. Eeles, Dr. From a Ms. Dated 1938

British Society : London, 1979-80

Additional Information About The Ancient Stained Glass In Westminster Abbey

The Ancient Windows of Gt. Malvern Priory Church

L. A. Hamand

Campfield Press : St. Albans

introduction and description of the windows, some drawings and colour illustrations

The Anglian Cathedral of North Elmham, Norfolk: Analysis and Excavation by the Ancient Monuments Branch of the Ministry of Public Building and Works

S.E. Rigold

reprinted from Medieval Archaeology : London

reprot on the excavation of an 11th century site; no stained glass

The Apocrypha


Cambridge University Press : Cambridge

The Apocryphal books of the bible, "Translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesty's Special Command."

The Apocryphal New Testament: Being the Apocryphal Gospals, Acts, Epistles, and Apocalypses

The Clarendon Press : Oxford

as titled

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