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The Aesthetics Of Protective Glazing: Vol. XXI

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The Aesthetics Of Protective Glazing: Vol. XXI

Mark Bambrough

British Society : London, 1997

A brief account of the continuing debate on the aesthetics of protective glazing

The Age of the Renaissance

Thames and Hudson : London

aspects of life in Europe between 1400 and 1600 w/ 600 illustrations

The Ancient and Historic Church of S. Mary, Shrewsbury: appeals to YOU to help save it from decay


Church of S. Mary, Shrewsbury : Shrewsbury

two fundraising leaflets, each w/ a picture of the Jesse window, a typed letter to David King date 10th June 1958 from John on V & A stationary, a postacrd of Sir John de Cherleton of Powes from the Window of St. Mary's

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