Guide to the church, modern windows

Survey of The National Museums of Scotland Glass Collection

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Survey of The National Museums of Scotland Glass Collection

Belen Arco Del Cobo

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd : London, 1999

A survey, with charts, relating to The National Museum of Scotland's glass collection

Swiss Stained Glass : of the Fourteenth Century from the Church of Koenigsfelden

Michael Stettler

B. T. Batsford : London

as titled, with 16 colour plates

Swiss Stained Glass

Paul Boesch

variouseight essays on aspects of Swiss glass, seven bound together, one interleaved in front along with three typewritten extracts translated into English -"Hans Caspar Lang's Cartoons for Windows in Zurich Country Parishes", "Extracts from the Accompanying Essay to the Windows of the Former Minoriten Church in Regensburg", and "Extracts from Boesch - Swiss Stained Glass Abroad".

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