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Stained Glass An Illustrated History

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Stained Glass An Illustrated History

Sarah Brown

Bracken Books : London, 1994

An Illustrated history of stained glass

Stained Glass And The Internet: Vol. XXIV

Karen De Lutis

British Society : London, 2000

Suggestions For Using The Internet As A Resource To Find Out More About Societies And Associations Relevant To Stained Glass

Stained Glass Archives: Vol. XVII, No. 2

Weis, Helene, H

British Society : London, 1981-82

A Plea By the Author Stressing The Importance Of Preserving Archive Material Relevant To Stained Glass

Stained Glass As An Art

Henry Holiday

Macmillan & Co : London

An Account Of : Materials, Technique, Design, Artistic Possibilities, Light And Shade And Style In Relation To Ornament In Stained Glass Making.

Stained Glass as an Art

Henry Holiday

Macmillan and Company : London

Part I - Material and Technique; Part II - Artistic Possibilities inherent in Stained Glass from the point of view of Technique; Part III - The Artistic Possibilites of Stained Glass, consered in relation to the Situation and Purpose of the Work. Appendix - Note I. American Glass; Note II. Opus Sectile (Opaque Stained Glass); Designs by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and Mr. W. B. Richmond. Index

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1   ...   276   277   278   279   280   281   282   283   ...   423

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