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Stained Glass: A Guide to Information Sources

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Stained Glass: A Guide to Information Sources

Darlene Brady

William Serban

Gale Research Company : Detroit, Michigan

guide to written resources with very extensive bibliography, to museums, organizations, schools and workshops, exhibitons and galleries, supplies sources, computerized information, government resources, science and technology sources, indexes of authors, titles, subjects (general, name and place)

Stained Glass

Noel Heaton

extract from the Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects : London

a lecture delivered at the Victori and Albert Museum, 12th March 1914, on the general history of stained glass and the current state of the craft

Stained Glass

M. Meredith Williams

The Holywell Press : Orford

about two stained glass windows with scenes from the Life of the Virgin in the church of St. Peter the Apostle in Edinburgh, recently completed by the artist and his wife

Stained Glass 1921-1996: A BSMGP 75th Anniversary Retrospective: Journal of the British Society of Master Glass Painters: Vol. XX, No. 1, 1996, 75th Anniversary Issue


British Society of Master Glass Painters : London 1997

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1   ...   275   276   277   278   279   280   281   282   ...   423

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