Guide to the church, modern windows

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Stained Glass

Sonia Halliday, Laura Lushington

Pitkin Pictorials : Hampshire 1994

Stained Glass

Halliday Sonia and Lushington Laura- Photography

Pitkin Pictorials Ltd : Great Britain

A Brief Historical Guide To Stained Glass Evolution, Illustrated With Photographs And Based On Original Text By Michael Archer

Stained Glass

Michael Archer

Pitkin Pictorials : Hampshire, 1994

An illustrated Guide to the history and development of stained glass with photography by Sonia Halliday and Laura Lushington

Stained Glass

Lewis F. Day

His Majesty's Stationery Office : London

A survey of European (mostly English) stained glass of the Gothic and Renaissance periods, ecclesiastical and domestic. "It has not been thought necessary to dwell upon the period of its decadence." 66 black and white illustrations, including one window by Edward Burne-Jones

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1   ...   273   274   275   276   277   278   279   280   ...   423

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