Guide to the church, modern windows

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Spirit of the Age


British Broadcasting Corporation : London

survey of British architecture from the medieval period to the 1970s

St Etheldreda Queen & Abbess

C.J. Stranks

The Dean & Chapter of Ely : Ely 1975

A Brief History Of The Life And Work Of St. Etheldreda, Queen And Abbess Of Ely Cathedral

St Giles, Skelton: A Brief Guide

Christopher Wilson

David E. O'Connor

Michael Thompson AJ

Jeremy Haselock"...this is one of the most perfect thirteenth-century parish churches in England, not only as regards design and craftsmanship but also on accoun of its near-miraculous completeness." Short history and guide; 15th - early 16th century fragments collected in west window; Victorian windows inserted 1866-1883

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