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Some Local Medieval Window Glass Affinities: Vol. XV No. 3

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Some Local Medieval Window Glass Affinities: Vol. XV No. 3

St O. Gamlen John MA FSA

British Society : London 1974-75

An Account Of The Existence Of Fragments Of Stained-Glass In The Home Counties

Some Notes On Correspondence Concerning Arnold Robinson's Apprenticeship With Christopher Whall, 1906-1908: Journal of the British Society of Master Glass Painters: Vol. XIX, No. 3, 1994-95

Peter Cormack

British Society of Master Glass Painters : London 1996

Some Notes On The Stained Glass In The Burrell Collection In Glasgow Art Gallery: Vol. XII No. 4

William Wells

British Society : London 1958-1959

A Historical Account Of The Contribution Made By Sir William Burrell To The Glasgow Art Gallery

Some Particulars of Mawnan Church and its Rectors: Together with Extracts from an Old Vestry Minute Book


history and description of the church

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1   ...   260   261   262   263   264   265   266   267   ...   423

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