Guide to the church, modern windows

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Siena and its Province


Fotorapidacolor : Terni

colour photos with captions of Siena and San Gimignano

Sienne Les Musees


L'Azienda Autonoma di Turismo : Siena

guide to museums in Siena

Simon de Montfort: 1265-1965

C.H. Knowles

The Historical Association : London

monograph and bibliography

Simple Heraldry

Ian Moncrieffe, Don Pottinger

Thos Nelson : London 1953

A Fully Illustrated Guide

Simple Heraldry: Cheerfully Illustrated

Iain Moncreiffe

Don Pottinger

Thomas Nelson and Sons : Edinburgh

Arms and the Man; Arms and the Family; Arms and the People; Arms and the Crown; Arms and the Rules; Arms and You

Sir Ninian Comper, 1864-1960: Vol.X111 (13), No. 2, 1960-1961

The Editor

The British Society of Master Glass Painters : London, 1960-1961

An Appreciation Of The Life And Work Of The Artist.

Sixteenth Century Glass in York Minster and in the Church of St Michael-le-Belfrey

E. Milner-White

St. Anthony's Press : York

as titled

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