Guide to the church, modern windows

Saints, Signs and Symbols

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Saints, Signs and Symbols

W. Ellwood Post

SPCK : London

from the back: "This valuable little hand-book contains in complact form all the main symbols used in the Church with notes on their origin, meaning, and colouring", w/ section on Saints, inclu. biographical details

Saint-Etienne de Bourges: Architecture et Vitraux

Chanoine Le Guenne

Les Presses des Imprimeeries de Bobigny : unknown

description of the architecture and the stained glass windows, with 14 colour illustrations of windows

Sale Of Stained Glass At Sotheby's 30 Oct 1981: Vol. XVII, No. 2

William Cole

British Society : London, 1981-82

A Short Account Of Stained Glass For Sale

Saluti da Siena


Edizione a Cura dell'Azienda Autonoma di Turismoa book of postcards

Sammlung des verstorbenen Rittergutsbesitzers Theodor Nellessen, Aachen


Ant. Creutzer, vorm. M. Lempertz : Aachen

a catalogue for the auction of a gentleman's estate, including 18 pieces of stained glass, none illustrated

Sammlung Lord Sudeley Toddington Castle Gloucestershire: Schweizer Glasmalereien vorwiegend des XVI. und XVII Jahrhunderts


Hugo Helbing : Munich

an auction catalogue of 202 panels of stained glass, 8 from England, the rest Swiss, 184 illustrations

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