Guide to the church, modern windows

Saint Paul's Church: Birmingham

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Saint Paul's Church: Birmingham

A.E. [Arthur E. Bennett?] B

Saint Paul's Church : Birmingham

"Some Notes on Saint Paul's Church, St. Paul's Square, Birmingham, and description of the Francis Eginton East Window therein" - window erected 1789

Saint Paul's Church: Birmingham

A.E. B

Saints and the Emblems in English Churches

R.L.P. Milburn

Oxford University Press : London

Dictionary of saints, with their emblems and information about their lives

Saints and their Attributes: With a Guide to Localities and Patronage

Helen Roeder

Longmans, Green and Co. : London

Dictionary of attributes, with the ways in which they are depicted and the saints associated with them. Illustrations of religious habits. Indices of saints, patronage and localities.

Saints and Their Emblems

Maurice Drake

Wilfred Drake

T. Werner Laurie : London

Forward by Aymer Vallance. Part I - Saints in alphabetical order with their attributes; Part II - Attributes in alphabetical order and the saints they signify; Part II - Appendices - Patriarchs and Prophets with their Emblems; Sibyls and their Emblems; Patron Saints of Arts, Trades and Professions; Other Patorn Saints

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