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Rosemary Rutherford, Obituary: Vol. XV (15), No. 1

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Rosemary Rutherford, Obituary: Vol. XV (15), No. 1

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The British Society : London, 1972-73

An Appreciation Of The Life And Career Of The Artist. She Began Work In Stained Glass Just After The War And 'Thought That Her Best Window Was 'Christ Washing The Disciples Feet' At Broomfield Essex.'

Royal Heraldry: Beasts and Badges of Britain

J. P. Brooke-Little

Pilgrim Press, Ltd : Lodge Lane, Derby

Brief introduction (24 pgs.) to royal heraldry of Great Britain - royal arms, badges and emblems most frequently displayed.

Rudiger Becksmann, Die architectonische Rahmung des hochgotischen Bildfensters; Untersuchungen zur oberrheinischen Glasmalerei von 1250 bis 1350

Madeline Harrison Caviness

reprinted from the Art Bulletin, published by the College Art Association : New York

a book review

Rudimentary Treatise on the Art of Painting on Glass or Glass-Staining: comprising directions for preparing the pigments, and fluxes, for laying them upon the glass, and for firing or burning in the colours

M A. Gessert

Crosby Lockwood and Son : London

as titled, w/ information in the appendix on leading, enameling and other subjects

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