Guide to the church, modern windows

Re-inventing Glass: Vol. XXIV

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Re-inventing Glass: Vol. XXIV

John Barrett

British Society : London, 2000

An account of the author's experiments, leading to producing stained glass panels that include recycled bottle glass

Riddarholm Church: Guide for Visitors

Martin Olsson

Victor Pettersons Bokindustri : Stockholm

short history and guide; no mention of stained glass

Ripon Cathedral

W.E. Wilkinson

Pitkin Pictorials : London

same text as K1173

Road Book of Scotland: With Gazetteer, Itineraries, Maps and Town Plans


The Automobile Association : London

as titled, with "Glossary of Technical Terms, and Gaelic and Norse Worlds"

Romance of Heraldry, The

C. Wilfrid Scott-Giles

Dent and Sons : London

The history of heraldry from the Romans to the 20th century


Marc Thibout

Peebles Art Library : London

short introduction, followed by colour illustrations of Romanesque painting and six panels of stained glass from several European countries

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1   ...   245   246   247   248   249   250   251   252   ...   423

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