Guide to the church, modern windows

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Pearce, Manchester


Walter J. Pearce Ltd. : Manchester

"Artist workers in glass for windows, screens, churches and business premises. Mosaic workersfor wall decoration and general decorative craftsmen. Wholesale, Retail & Export." Catalogue with examples of their work & lists of commissions, price lists.

Pears' Cyclopaedia


A. and F. Pears : London

"Twenty-one Complete Works of Reference in One Handy Volume of 1,070 Pages", including Prominent People, Classical Dictionary, Offie Compendium, Baby's First Year and Dictionary of the Toilet, etc.

Periodicals and Sets Relating to British History in Norfolk and Suffolk Libraries: A Finding List


Published by the University of East Anglia in conjunction with the Centre of East Anglian StudiesPeriodicals, newspapers, publications of local societies, sets of works and other material relating to British national and local history

Peter the Great

M.S. Anderson

The Historical Association : London

monograph and bibliography

Philips' Student's Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geography: with copius consulting index

William Hughes

George Philip and Son : London

world maps, as titled

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1   ...   236   237   238   239   240   241   242   243   ...   423

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