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Painted Glass of York, The

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Painted Glass of York, The

Frederick Harrison

SPCK : London 1927

An Illustrated Historical Guide To The Painted Glass of York.

Painter on Glass: Painter on Glass: The Sketch: November 5, 1958

Desmond O'Neill

picture essay about the artist, who recently completed a set of windows for the new church of St. Andre in Nice

Painting in Britain: The Middle Ages

Margaret Rickert

Penguin Books : London

Painting in Britain from the 8th century, including painted glass

Painting in Britain 1530 to 1790

Ellis Waterhouse

Penguin Books : London

as titled

Painting in Coloured Light

John Piper

Kettles Yard Gallery : Cambridge 1982

An Illustrated Account Of An Exhibition Of Stained Glass And Related Works Of John Piper

Painting on Glass and Porcelain and Enamel Painting

Felix Hermann

Scott, Greenwood and Company : London

"A complete introduction to the preparation of all the colours and fluxes used for painting on glass, porcelain, enamel, faience and stoneware, the colour pastes and coloured glasses, together with a minute description of the firing of colours and enamels"

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