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On Cleaning Stained Glass: Vol. XII No. 4

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On Cleaning Stained Glass: Vol. XII No. 4

Denis G. King

British Society : London 1958-1959

An Article Relating More Specifically To The Cleaning Of The Lead

On Divers Arts- The Treatise of Theophilus

Hawthorne, John, G. and Smith Stanley Cyril

The University of Chicago Press : Chicago, 1963

A Translation Of Three Books In Latin, One Each On Painting, Glass And Metalwork

On Sealed Altar-Slabs: with especial reference to one found in Norwich Cathedral

W. H. Sewell

Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society : Norwich

as titled

On the Dating of English Houses from External Evidence

J. T. Smith

E. M. Yates

Reprinted from 'Field Studies', Vol. 2, No. 5 : London

as titled

On the Dating of English Houses from External Evidence

J.T. Smith

E.M. Yates

reprinted from Field Studies : Hampton, Middx.

building materials and stylistic features into the 20th century

On the Music in the Painted Glass of the Windows in the Beauchamp Chapel at Warwick

Charles Frederic Hardy

reprinted from Archaeologia, or Miscellaneous Tracts relaitng to Antiquity, published by the Society of Antiquaries of London : London

study of the relationship between the music painted on the scrolls held by angels in the windows and manuscripts of medieval antiphonals

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