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Old Churches and Modern Craftsmanship

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Old Churches and Modern Craftsmanship

Alban D. R. Caroe

Oxford University Press : 1949

The case for preserving historic buildings; general maintenance and diagnosis; preservation measures for various areas of the building. Appendix A - Faculty procedure in England and Wales; Appendix B - Note on immediate action after fire or lightning; Appendix B - Some detailed particulars of the effects of vibrations on buildings; Index and Glossary

Old City Churches: The Daily Telegraph Folio of Drawings

Geoffrey S. Fletcher

The Daily Telegraph : London

eight reproductions of drawings of London churches, with short descriptions

Old Dutch and Flemish Masters engraved by Timothy Cole: with critical notes by John C. Van Dyke and comments by the engraver


T. Fisher Unwin : London

as titled, all artists from the 17th century

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