Guide to the church, modern windows

Observations on Some Medieval Glass in York Minster

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Observations on Some Medieval Glass in York Minster

T. W. French

reprinted from The Antiquaroies Journal : London

a note on some 12th and 14th century stained glass in York Minster, all reused and relocated within the Minster

Observations On Some Recent French Work: Vol. XIII No. 3

Alfred Fisher

British Society : London 1961-1962

The Author's Observations On The Difference Between The Continent's Approach To Preservation Of Stained Glass Crafts With Those of Britain

Official Guide to the City of York


York Chamber of Trade : York

history and description of York and surrounding areas, with information about local government and commercial establishments

Official Handbook of Bolling Hall Museum

Wilfred Robertshaw

City of Bradford : Bradford

14th - 16th century armorial glass in the dining room, "the finest domestic, armorial glass of its date in Yorkshire"

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1   ...   226   227   228   229   230   231   232   233   ...   423

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