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Norwich Diocesan Directory 1964

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Norwich Diocesan Directory 1964


published under the authority of the Bishop of the Diocese : Norwich

contains alphabetical list of parishes with patrons of each

Note on Some Fragments of Late Medieval Stained Glass at Haddenham

E. Clive Rouse

reprinted from Record of BucksDiscussion of late 15th century stained glass fragments, rearranged and releaded in 1928 as a WWI memorial, that once belonged to a set of Twelve Apostles, each carrying his appropriate sentece from the Apostles' Creed

Notes on Ancient Glass in Devonshire Churches: (with notes by Maurice Drake)

Beatrix F. Cresswell

bound typewritten manuscriptdescriptions of the medieval stained glass in Devonshire churches, with special reference to the heraldry

Notes on Italian Mosaics to the 12th century

Eustace Remnant

reprinted from the Transactions of The Ecclesiological Society : London

as titled - materials and techniques, history and development

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