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Munoz de Pablos: Artistas Espanoles Contemporaneos

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Munoz de Pablos: Artistas Espanoles Contemporaneos

Isabel Cajide

Direccion General del Patrimonio Artistic y Cultural : Pamplona

stained glass by this artists, born 1938 - essays, exhibitions, honours, biography, bibliography, colour illustrations

Musee Fernand Leger: Biot (Alpes Maritimes)


: Biot

description of the life and work of Fernand Leger

My Tender Shell

Maud Cotter

Gandon Books : Dublin 1991

An Illustrated Guide Of The Exhibits Of Maud Cotter

Nature's Playground: Book I

M. Cordelia E. Leigh

Collins : London

nature book for children with over 70 photographs and diagrams of birds and animals

Nederlandsche Glasschilders

W. Bogtman

Allert de Lange : Amsterdam

Survey of Netherlandish glass from 1500 to the 1930s w/ black and white illustrations

Neue Kolner Kirchen


brief descriptions with illustrations of churches built in Cologne between the early 1930s and the med 1960s, some with stained glass

Neues Glas in Deutschland - New Glass in Germany: Ausstellung der Deutschen Glastechnischen Gesellschaft zum XIII. Internationalen Glaskongress Hamburg 1983


Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf : Dusseldorf

Hot glass, Cold Techniques, Lamp Work and Stained Glass in Germany, with individual works by many artists. Primarily vessel glass

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