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Modern Masterpieces of British Art

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Modern Masterpieces of British Art


Amalgamated Press : London

A picture book with "two hundred full colour reproductions of paintings selected from public galleries in Great Britain and Ireland with critical notes and indexes to painters and pictures", mid-19th century - 1930

Modern Stained Glass in British Churches

Mark Angus

: London & Oxford 1984

A fully illustrated discussion on modern stained glass, with chapters such as: 'New Focus in a Technological Age' and 'Modern Expressions of Symbolism'

Moira Forsyth: Journal of the British Society of Master Glass Painters: Vol. XVIII, No. 2, 1986-87

Sheila Mole

British Society of Master Glass Painters : London 1986

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1   ...   212   213   214   215   216   217   218   219   ...   423

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