Guide to the church, modern windows

Michelangelo: The World's Masters - New Series

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Michelangelo: The World's Masters - New Series

Anthony Bertram

The Studio Publications : London

brief essay about the artist's paintings and drawings only, followed by 48 plates, bibliography

Michelangelo: Sibyllen und Propheten

Bettina Seipp

Im Insel-verlag : Leipzig

colour plates of the Sibylls and Prophets painted by Michaelanglo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, followed by an essay

Milano: 24 Vedute Colorate


?pocket-sized foldout color pictures of art and architecture of Milan, captions in Italian

Milton Abbey, Dorset: An Illustrated Guide


Jarrold : Norwich

church guide

Miss Florence CAMM, 1874-1960: Vol. X111 (13), No. 2

Not Specified

The British Society : London, 1960-1961

An Appreciation Of The Life And Work Of The Artist.

Mittelalterliche Bildfenster der Schweiz: Zehn Farbige Tafeln Herausgegben und Eingeleitet von Fridtjof Zschokke

Fridtjof Zschokke

Holbein-Verlag : Basel

a folio of ten colour plates of Swiss medieval stained glass

Mittelalterliche Glasmalerei in der Deutschen Democratischen Republik [Medieval Glass-Painting in the DDR]: Leipzig

Erfurt Angermuseum

: Berlin 1989

A fully illustrated catalogue from The Anger Museum, Erfurt

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