Guide to the church, modern windows

Margaret Stavridi: Vol. XX1V, 2000

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Margaret Stavridi: Vol. XX1V, 2000

Philip Collins NH

The British Society : London, 2000

An Appreciation Of The Life And Work Of The Artist.

Martin Luther

A. Hilliard Atteridge

Catholic Truth Society : London

The life and work of Martin Luther from a Catholic perspective

Martin Schongauer 1453? - 1491: Peintre et Graveur Colmarien

Lucien Blum

Editions Alsatia : Colmar

life and work of the painter and engraver Martin Schongauer

Martin Travers 1886-1948: An Appreciation: First edition

Warrener, Rodney, and Yelton, Michael

Unicorn Press : London, 2003

The life and career of Martin Travers with a gazetteer of his actual and projected work

Martin Travers 1886-1948 - A Handlist of his Work: First

Peter E. Blagdon-Gamlen

The Ecclesiological Society : London, 1997

An appreciation of the life and work of the artist with illustrations

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