Guide to the church, modern windows

Malmesbury Abbey: A Leaflet to Take Round with You

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Malmesbury Abbey: A Leaflet to Take Round with You

A. Beaghen

very brief description of the church

Malmesbury Abbey

A. Beaghen

Taylor and Sons : Minety

short history and guide; passing mention of stained glass; plan of church

Mancroft Review


Saint Peter Mancroft : Norwich

a parish newsletter, with information about the new memorial West Window designed and to be made by Dennis King

Manners, Customs, and Dress during the Middle Ages, and during the Renaissance Period

Paul LaCroix

Chapman and Hall : London

social history as titled

Manscript Writing and Lettering

"by an Educational Expert"

John Hogg : London

"A handbook for schools and colleges - showing the historical development and practical application to modern handwriting of several manuscript styles derived from ancient Roman letters"

Marcillat's Cortona 'Nativity': Marcillat's Cortona 'Nativity': Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts: 1980, Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 73-82

Susan Atherly

The Detroit Institute of Arts : Detroit, Michigan

discussion of a Renaissance stained glass window in the collection of the DIA - 'Nativity', 1516, by Guillaume de Marcillat, French, d. 1529, a companion to the 'Adoration of the Magi' in the V&A. Both were designed for Cortona Cathedral

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