Group Title: Introduction to group lesson

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Group Title Introduction to group lesson

Session Title Getting Started Session # 1 of 1
Grade Level:
Estimated time: 45 minutes
Small Group Counseling Session Purpose: To establish small group counseling guidelines, to discuss the purpose of the group, and to begin student self-evaluation process.
Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Strand/Big Idea
Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Concepts
American School Counselor Association National Standard (ASCA):
NOTE: The overall purpose of the MCGP small group counseling units and sessions is to give extra support to students who need help meeting specific Comprehensive Guidance Program Grade Level Expectations (GLEs). This small group counseling unit provides a shell that allows you to personalize sessions to meet the unique needs of your students. Your knowledge of the developmental levels, background knowledge and experiences of your students determines the depth and level of personal exploration required to make the sessions beneficial for your students.

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