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For 100 mothers and their children for the child’s first year, assuming no new construction is necessary.

Registered Dietitian to plan and oversee menus- $50,000 per year

Increase in food price- from $2.90 per woman per day to $3.50 per woman per day- $41,900

Prenatal vitamins- $1,460 per year

Full time Pediatric Nurse- $50,000 per year

Cribs- $7,000

Crib mattresses- $2,000

Sheets- $1,000

Blankets- $600

Diapers- $60,000

10 Changing tables- $500

Baby clothing- $30,000

Bottles- $220

Breast Pumps- $2,500

Diaper wipes- $4,000

Baby toys- $500

10 Tubs for bathing babies- $200

Washcloths- $100

Baby soap- $200

Total Costs- $252,080


With the goal of improving the health and lives of children born to incarcerated mothers, we seek to improve the health and lives of these children.  Providing inadequate nutrition for pregnant women is unfair to the unborn child; the baby should not be punished just because the mother is in prison.  Many would consider current prison food to be unacceptable; bringing a child into the equation raises the question of ethics.  Improving the food served is more ethical all around. Changing the menu in prisons to better cater to a pregnant woman’s needs will result in happier, healthier babies.  Nutrition does not stop with birth; both the mother and the newly born child require a balanced diet for continued proper growth and development. The maternity cellblock will further facilitate positive growth.  Allowing mothers to breastfeed and interact with their children for an extended period after birth will establish a positive bond between mother and child.  This bond considerably lowers recidivism rate for the women involved, which raises the chances of the mothers properly caring for their children and in turn lowers the chance of the children becoming offenders later in life.  

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