Group Members Laurel Bates, Maedchen Britton, Rachel Brouwer, Nick Ferrell Purpose Statement

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Group Members

Laurel Bates, Maedchen Britton, Rachel Brouwer, Nick Ferrell

Purpose Statement

To create a proposal for an improved nutrition plan and residence program for expecting and nursing mothers in prisons, connecting health-related, socio-economic, ethical, and cost-benefit implications for society.


Poor nutrition in prisons in the United States is a problem that needs to be addressed. Through this proposal, we seek to present an improvement on the current state. Good nutrition is particularly critical for pregnant women and nursing mothers, both for the well-being of the mother and the infant. It has been proven through multiple studies that prenatal nutrition and breastfeeding are central to children’s healthy development. Women must be permitted to breastfeed their infants and be provided with the nutritious meals necessary for that purpose. To that end, included is a proposed meal plan for pregnant and nursing mothers and their children that reflects a balanced diet with the lowest possible cost to the program.

This proposal includes a plan to designate a cellblock specifically for nursing mother that will provide them with space to nurse their infants and an environment conducive to healthy bonding, which is of critical importance. In addition to this, provision is made for a full-time pediatric nurse to be working in the prison, available for consultation with the mothers and medical care for the children. This would be a long-term undertaking, and the expected cost for the implementation of this program would be $300,000.

A long-term expected outcome of this program is reduced recidivism rates among these women. This would be accomplished by providing a connection with their children and a skillset of nutritional knowledge. The bonds the women form with their children will act as a strong incentive for a stable lifestyle. Finally, this proposal will foster conscious eating habits among these women. This would introduce a positive domino effect in that these mothers would pass on their improved habits to their children. In turn, this would be beneficial for this rising generation of children.

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