Global crisis and recession 4 Economic situation and prognosis for Singapore 7

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Keeping our focus on the future

7.We will help businesses and Singaporeans with their immediate needs, so that they can stay afloat in the recession and look towards the future. But even as we deal with the immediate problems, this cannot be a Budget that is only about the short term. We should take the opportunity of this downturn to build up our capabilities and infrastructure, and position Singapore for its next phase of growth.
8.The Resilience Package will therefore keep up and accelerate our investments for the future. It will mean stepping up our efforts to equip Singaporeans with a world-class education in their youth, broadening training opportunities during their working lives, and providing the best care services for those in their silver years. We will provide further incentives for investments across our industries and help build up innovative capabilities among businesses small and large. And we will rejuvenate our neighbourhoods and develop suburban nodes, and move ahead with initiatives to ensure sustainable development, so that Singaporeans will enjoy an extremely liveable city in all its facets, even as our economy grows in the years to come.

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